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Plaza Luxe

Tokyo attracts visitors from across the globe for many reasons, but whatever their goals, almost all are struck by the vast size of this megalopolis. Naturally, the Keio Plaza Hotel (situated in the convenient core district of Shinjuku) is always seeking new ways to make guests feel more at home than ever in this gigantic city.
Crafted with the goal of creating “cool, quality spaces where urbanites can truly relax,” these new “Plaza Luxe” rooms were opened on July 3rd 2013.

Tower South
Bed type Twin Queen King
Area (sqm)
Number of Beds 2 1 1
Bed Size(cm)
122 x 203
4.0 x 6.6
152 x 203
4.9 x 6.6
182 x 203
5.9 x 6.6

Sleep in comfort

The cozy Simmons® beds allow guests to sink into blissful sleep. Most of the 120 Plaza Luxe rooms have double beds, while 18 are twin rooms.

Relaxing time

Simply relaxing and gazing out over Tokyo’s cityscape from the comfort of these rooms can be entertainment in itself. In the bathrooms, Antica Farmacista amenity items allow for total relaxation.

Contemporary design

The corridors, with their modernistic styling, lead to rooms that are havens of comfort and sophistication. The furniture is illuminated by tender indirect lighting, while the interiors make artful use of made-to-order Japanese paper.

Wireless LAN service

Each Plaza Luxe room has a large writing desk and a free high-speed wireless LAN Internet connection.

Exclusive reception desk

Quick and easy check in / check out service available for Plaza Luxe staying guests at the exclusive premier counter. Relax and enjoy the warm welcoming at the hotel.

Luxe Lounge

The newly renamed “Luxe Lounge” on the South Tower’s 34th floor will be also remodeled, and it is exclusively available for the free use of Plaza Luxe guests. The new space consists of multiple zones – counter seats beside windows, sofas, a meeting room, and more. Choose the area that best serves your purpose, and enjoy the relaxing, quality atmosphere.

Luxe Lounge 34th floor of the South Tower
Tea Time 10:00a.m. ~ 5:00p.m.
Bar Time 5:00p.m. ~ 10:00p.m.(9:30p.m. Last Order)
59 seats in all (35 table seats, 13 sofa seats, 11 private sofa seats)
1 private meeting room (8 seats)

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