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The Club Lounge

The newly renamed “Luxe Lounge” on the South Tower’s 34th floor will be also remodeled, and it is exclusively available for the free use of Plaza Luxe guests. The new space consists of multiple zones – counter seats beside windows, sofas, a meeting room, and more. Choose the area that best serves your purpose, and enjoy the relaxing, quality atmosphere.

Luxe Lounge 34th floor of the South Tower
Tea Time 10:00a.m. ~ 5:00p.m.
Bar Time 5:00p.m. ~ 10:00p.m. (9:30 Last Order)
59 seats in all (35 table seats, 13 sofa seats, 11 private sofa seats)
1 private meeting room (8 seats) *Reservation reguired


Tea time : Coffee,tea,softdrinks,snacks,petit gateau

Bar time : Beer,wine,softdrinks,snacks,horsd'oeuvre

Free high-speed wireless LAN Internet connection

Meeting room JPY 8,000/2hour


※Admittance to the lounge is limited to those guests assigned to rooms that offer Lounge access privileges.
  Lounge guests will be asked to give a room number and coupon at the time of entrance.
※Smoking is not permitted.
※Consumption of outside food & beverages are not permitted.
※Please refrain from using mobile phone in the lounge.
※Children must be accompanied by an adult.
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Try your hand at “Origami”
“ORIGAMI” Folding a Crane
There are many guests that have seen the art of “Origami -paper folding”. You might ask yourself, how is this done?
Please join us to see/try “Origami”!

Date:Monday,October 27th 10:00a.m.~11:00a.m.
Admission Free
*Due to limited seating in the event room,reservation is recommended.


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