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Restaurants & Bars

Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo’s restaurants and bars boast many faces. Each establishment has its own flair and tastes, but all of them have a hospitable and relaxed atmosphere. Find our restaurant that fits your mood, whether you are planning a banquet, a party or a quiet dinner for two.

Private Dining Rooms
We offer private dining rooms.
Restaurant Number of people Room Charge
2F/ Chinese restaurant NAN-EN 4~48people JPY 6,000 yen~
2F/ Korean restaurant GOKOKUTEI


JPY 5,000 yen~
2F/ Japanese restaurant KAGARI              6~24people JPY 8,000 yen~
2F/ Kaiseki SOUJUAN 4~22 people JPY 10,000 yen~
2F/ French & Italian DUO FRUSSHET 6~30 people Lunch hours  JPY 3,800 yen~
Dinner hours  JPY 6,500 yen~
※We have special lunch or dinner plans that include a private room charge. Please ask for details.
※We can arrange for a lunch or dinner meeting. Please contact us in advance.

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