100Taking up new challenges in the next half century

2023.5.31 Wed.

In 1971, the Keio Plaza Hotel opened its doors as Japan’s first skyscraper hotel in an undeveloped area of west Shinjuku. The birth of the hotel brought astonishment and exhilaration to people, and it was warmly welcomed. The hotel has played a pivotal role in turning the area into a dynamic, urban landscape.

The philosophy of the Keio Plaza Hotel is to create a ‘plaza’ where people can gather, relax and enjoy various forms of entertainment, including fine artworks, folk crafts, Japanese traditions and culture.

Since our opening, we have innovated and accomplished many firsts in our industry such as managing international and academic conferences, incorporating universal design principles into the rooms for people with disabilities, introducing a special plan for ladies at a time when men were the major patrons of the hotel, and even setting up a permanent chapel within the hotel. Each accomplishment embodies our progressive sprit of aiming for new ideas and services.

The Keio Plaza Hotel has been on a journey for over 50 years. Based on the passion and traditions which have been passed down, we are poised to evolve even further. In accordance with a new sense of value and diversity, we will continue to adapt to meet the needs of new generations. No matter what happens, we will be true to ourselves and to our pioneering spirit. We will continuously strive to be a plaza where people meet and gather over the next 50 years.


This is the final installment of the 100 stories of the Keio Plaza Hotel, “Feature 100”. It has been an honor to be able to share our 50 years of heritage with you. As we forge ahead, we look forward to adding further chapters to the Keio Plaza Hotel story. We hope to see you soon!