099All Day Dining Jurin, is the PLAZA inside the Keio Plaza.

2023.5.31 Wed.

As you step into Jurin, extensive lush greenery penetrates the windows and catches your eye. It is a place where you can enjoy a meal or a sip of tea throughout the day, away from the bustle of the city. In this fashion, Jurin, on the second floor of the Main Tower, has been known as the place that best embodies our motto of creating a vibrant community space: a plaza where people gather, come and go.

When the hotel first opened, Jurin was a coffee shop open 24 hours a day. It soon became an icon in the west Shinjuku district known for its cutting-edge interior and fashionable exotic image reflected in our international guests, not to mention the wide range of offerings on the menu and the friendly hospitality. One hotel staff member reminisced about that time saying “Depending on the time of day, we had different types of customers coming in one after another. I was busy running back and forth to accommodate them.”

Jurin underwent renovation in the ’80s and the ’90s to modernize the restaurant. In 2014, it was further remodeled and began serving a dessert buffet in an even more stylish ambience. The hotel’s distinctive recipes, passed down through the years, can be enjoyed today in Jurin’s wide selection of Western dishes and seasonal desserts, which have received high praise from our guests.

Jurin is a fashionable plaza where people assemble for all their dining needs. As with any plaza the world over, it is filled with chatter, chuckles and smiles.

We invite you to make Jurin part of your day.