097Aurora Sky Lounge greets you from 160 meters/524 feet up

2023.5.26 Fri.

The view from the Aurora Sky Lounge offers different cityscapes throughout a day: vast clear blue skies in the daylight, flaming sunset glows before dusk and neon lights piercing the black of night.

Our lounge takes its name from the full spectrum of views on offer. Beautiful transitions of colors stretching over the panoramic skyline of Tokyo from the 45th floor throughout the day have been enchanting guests since our opening. At that time, the prevailing notion in Japan was that a hotel was just a place to get a good night’s sleep. However, the establishment of the stylish social space challenged this notion. It started to draw a lot of attention from the Japanese public and its popularity quickly ensued.

The current Aurora Sky Lounge reopened in 2016 after a long period of renovation. This new, modern, and sophisticated lounge offers authentic full-course French meals, as well as various a la carte dishes. Award-winning bartenders await you and strive to make the night something extraordinary.

Tables for couples are set facing the windows. For groups, tables are arranged beside the windows with comfortable lounge chairs. Although it is a western-style lounge, the service comes with a distinct Japanese aesthetic.

The Aurora Sky Lounge offers a space for entertaining guests on various occasions including a gracious afternoon tea and a relaxing bar time. Enjoy your precious moment at the Aurora Sky Lounge!