094Low-carb sweets: a customer driven creation

2022.7.8 Fri.

The Keio Plaza Hotel has been at the forefront of efforts to develop new things to accommodate each individual’s needs. Serving non/low-alcohol cocktail drinks is one example of this. We introduced those drinks long before they became common in Japan. We also introduced an original, 70% carbohydrate-free, low-carb cake in 2012, and it has become one of our most popular items since then.

The low-carb cake was born from the feedback of our customers who needed to control their blood sugar or wished to maintain their healthy diet. We found out that those people simply wanted to satisfy their cravings for sweets once in a while and enjoy their time with their loved ones without guilt.

The cake does not use flour, which contains higher carbohydrates than tofu, soybean or soybean milk; and this significantly cuts customers’ carbohydrate intake. The fluffy sponge part is made with tofu. Surprisingly, it is much moister than regular ones. One of our low-carb cakes, ‘Low-Carb Fraisier’ (strawberry shortcake) is a regular seasonal item for Christmas. Although it is 70% carbohydrate-free, you can still enjoy the same quality and taste as our regular cakes. It is indeed, a ‘Cake of Wonder’.

The idea of creating the cake came from our commitment to our guests. We have been endeavoring to meet customers’ needs proactively, and this is the reason why our hotel’s products are brought into the world. We hope you enjoy our low-carb cake and that it may fill your day with happiness!

Our low-carb cake is available at Poppins, Food Boutique on the second floor in the Main Tower.