093Our collective strength and teamwork lead to a great success in catering at the MICE event

2022.7.8 Fri.

The Keio Plaza Hotel has been striving to build a reputation as being the number one destination for MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) events. We have held more than 1,200 events since our opening in 1971. One of the most memorable events took place in June 2018. We served over 2,000 guests from all around Asia, who visited Japan on their sales incentive tour and gained huge recognition.

In addition to accommodation, our guests were able to take advantage of a separate massive event space outside the hotel, where they could enjoy various forms of entertainment throughout the night. Despite the fact that we all knew that we are well-versed in managing MICE events, welcoming 2,000 guests all at once was an unprecedented challenge. However, we were poised to face it. On the day of the event, 250 servers left the hotel early in the morning. Two thousands chairs and 250 tables were brought into the event hall from the hotel. We set up the tables and built a temporary kitchen to offer the same quality of meals and service as the guests would be offered at the dining venue in the hotel. Our hard work bore fruit in the end and many attendees expressed their appreciation.

A large number of chefs, servers, sound engineer staff, lighting staff, general engineers and other staff were involved in this event. We were able to make this happen with our collective strength and solidarity. Our scrupulous attention to the details pleased many of our guests including guests with some dietary requirements, and the event ended with their full gratitude. All for one, and one for all. The power of our teamwork has always been the key to our success in MICE business.