092The marquee of our hotel: the lobby service team

2022.6.20 Mon.

Guests are cordially welcomed by our lobby service team from the moment they step onto the hotel premises. Similarly, when guests are preparing to leave, their requests regarding travel towards their next destination are seamlessly dealt with by this same staff. There is no doubt that the lobby service team represents the cornerstone of the hotel. The scope of their work isn’t just limited to greetings at the entrance area. Their work covers a broad range of services including showing guests to the rooms, explaining where to find amenities/equipment and how to use them, arranging taxis, rental cars and buses, receiving/sending packages, directions and so on.

Our lobby service team needs to have a firm understanding of the daily schedule: the reservation status of each restaurant as well as the types of banquet in order to guide every guest adequately and promptly. For hotel guests, lobby staff swiftly ask guests’ names when they see them arriving at the entrance for check-in and send the information immediately to the Front Desk staff by walkie-talkie for a smooth check-in. They can also precisely remember the license plate numbers of our regular guests and VIPs as well as their faces. For long-stay guests, they strive to offer the best support possible by using pieces of information gleaned from them through their daily greetings and interactions. They value getting to know our guests in a bid to offer the best possible service.

Their job sometimes even requires them to handle unexpected incidents in a limited amount of time. In one instance, a guest mistakenly enclosed his airline ticket inside a package to be sent to another location. As soon as one of our lobby staff heard the story, he quickly took him to the package distribution center. Fortunately, he was able to find his ticket there and fly back home without further incident.

“The most important thing for us is to make our guests happy” said one of our lobby staff. Do you know what they always carry in their pockets? A variety of items that could possibly accommodate a guest’s sudden request in a satisfactory and timely manner.