091Our Facility Maintenance Department works behind the scenes

2022.5.20 Fri.

The hotel is a place that welcomes guests 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Since we opened our doors, our Facility Maintenance Department (FMD) has ceaselessly been working in the background to keep the hotel in its optimum condition.

Creating a comfortable space is a crucial part of our service. The FMD team members are all professionals and act as a control center, overseeing every facility & amenity in the hotel.

Their high expertise even makes it possible to avoid relying on the computer system completely. One example is temperature control in event halls. Temperature control generally plays a very important role in offering a pleasant space. Depending on the time, the number of attendees and the type of the event, the room temperature could fluctuate widely. Maintaining the temperature at a suitable level for all attendees in the banquet hall requires meticulous manual adjustment. The FMD team monitors the temperature in each event hall from their control room, and informs on-site hotel staff of any necessary adjustments. FMD’s precise, yet delicate technique, has improved our guests’ satisfaction as well as the value of our hotel itself.

FDM has been tackling the issue of energy efficiency also. At the time of our founding, the cutting-edge DHC (District Heating and Cooling) network was in use. Hot/cold water and steam are supplied, and circulate throughout our district in underground pipes to save energy.

The DHC network virtually paved the way to nurturing our community, and has prodded us to grapple with the environmental issues around us. In addition to the DHC system, in 2010 and 2011, we adopted our own in-house circulation system, which harnesses the cold water supplied by DHC. Pipes connect the lower and upper floors within the hotel, which allow even more efficient use of energy. This has contributed to a significant reduction in the amount of electricity consumed in the hotel.

FDM’s work has spread to various areas, such as making efficient use of wastewater, recycling garbage, and mapping out a universally accessible design for all. These were introduced in the hotel well before SDGs were adopted. Although the FDM team hardly ever has contact with guests, it is always here to make a better environment for both customers and our staff.