090It all started with canned soup: the genuine taste of Keio Plaza that can be savored at home.

2022.4.15 Fri.

Our food is a culmination of high-quality ingredients, recipes, and the meticulous craftsmanship of our chefs.

In 1974, we started selling canned shark-fin soup, which allowed people to enjoy our hotel’s restaurant-quality food in their own home. The soup was made using an aromatic blend of exquisite chicken broth and the finest ingredients. At the time, it was unique to sell authentic Chinese dishes in a can, and the shark-fin soup became very popular as a gift and souvenir. In 1976, we decided to expand our range, and six Chinese dishes were added to the menu, such as Chinese-style corn soup and chilled steamed chicken.

Since then, we have been developing our own products to meet the needs of the times and customers. Now, we have a wider range of products. Following this longtime bestseller, shark-fin soup, we have expanded our repertoire to various types of handmade cakes, sweets, pastries and breads. They are sold in our Poppins bakery shop and some gift items can be purchased online*, too. In 2021, amid the coronavirus pandemic, we launched a new type of service: catering. Carefully crafted elegant Japanese bento boxed-dinner and assorted haute French hors d’oeuvres are delivered to your front door by hotel staff. The service has been well-received by many people including those who feel uneasy about dining out. It allows people to practice social distancing and enjoy their favorite dishes at home.

The genuine taste of Keio Plaza can be taken out or catered. We hope to not just deliver food, but also to offer people a taste of the extraordinary that may brighten up their day.

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