071The Hotel's Little Museum - Lobby Gallery

2021.7.6 Tue.

Keio Plaza Hotel has been curating art works around the hotel since we first opened. After different setups, including an art salon, a permanent gallery was established on the 3rd floor lobby of our main building. Focusing on the works of contemporary artists, from famous artists to up-and-coming young artists, solo exhibitions of various genres such as painting, three-dimensional art, photography, pottery, prints and kimono, are held for around 9 days each month. It has since became known as a small museum in our hotel.

Unlike ordinary museums, the charm of our lobby gallery is that anyone can appreciate art freely. One of Keio Plaza Hotel's basic stance is that ”our hotel is a cultural enter“. This is characterized by the hotel’s careful planning and selection of artists. Seasons and messages conveyed through art works plays an important role in the selection of the exhibition themes and artists. This is based on the philosophy of providing a comfortable space for guests who comes from a wide range of nationalities, genders and religions.

In one solo exhibition, there is usually an average of 50 to 60 artworks being displayed. Our space, including the lobby, can exhibit up to 100 pieces of artwork as well as large scale works, is very popular amongst artists, and some artists take up to 2 years to prepare for an exhibition with us.

Event information can be found on Keio Plaza Hotel's homepage. We hope you have a wonderful encounter with art that enriches your heart when you drop by our lobby gallery.