069Universal Services For Guests With Vision Difficulties - The Power Of The Human Touch & Ingenious Ideas

2021.5.28 Fri.

The lighting in the corridor is set to be brighter than on other floors, while the color scheme of the carpet is designed to make it easier to recognize the boundary line between the guest room and corridor. Embossed letters are used for the room numbers to ensure that it is easy to recognize and smooth to the touch. The 30th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel’s main building has 13 universal rooms packed with detailed and ingenious ideas to provide safe and comfortable stays for guests with vision difficulties using white canes and guide dogs.

The doorbell and card sensor at the entrance of the guest rooms are black, to ensure it stands out in contrast against the white walls. The control panels and telephones use easy-to-see large fonts and an inverted black-and-white color scheme. Guests are also provided with a signal aid (a small transceiver) that uses voice guidance to provide directions to guest rooms and elevators. In addition, as the toiletries are in similar bottles, we use rubber bands on the bottles so that guests can differentiate between the bottles. Two for shampoo, one for conditioner, and none for body soap. An idea that was born from the awareness of a guest room staff in 1995, this is one of the unique initiatives of Keio Plaza Hotel.

Along with implementing these services, what our hotel values is support by the human touch. First of all, a staff member will greet guests and provide detailed one-to-one guidance to our services, so that our guests are able to spend their time in the hotel with a peace of mind.

In 2017, we welcomed 180 guide dogs and 182 handlers for the “ 50th Anniversary Ceremony of The Japan Guide Dog Association.” About half of the guests stayed at our hotel and enjoyed their stay. A relay of 29 staff members formed a line from the hotel entrance to the entrance of the banquet hall on the 5th floor to provide the guests with continuous, uninterrupted guidance. "I enjoyed the banquet without feeling anxious about moving around.” These words from our esteemed guests were the most gratifying to us.

Keio Plaza hotel’s universal services continue to evolve by equipping our hotel with full and detailed services, together with hospitality with the true human touch.