068Using Technology For The Comfort Of Guests With Hearing Loss

2021.5.28 Fri.

Over the years, Keio Plaza Hotel has been actively providing universal support to guests with various physical disabilities. We have also been working to provide detailed support in both tangible and intangible aspects of our hotel for guests with hearing loss; such as hard of hearing or deafness. Amongst these services in particular, in 2016, an industry’s first communication service using tablet terminals was introduced. We have received positive feedback from our guests stating that it is convenient and helped them feel at ease.

On the tablets, guests can use the "automatic voice conversion system" that supports smoother communication by using voice recognition and character exchange functions via the "UD Talk" app, that allows guests to communicate in written conversation and writing. ”Remote sign language interpretation service” is also available via call center operators. Now, checking-in at the front desk and inquiries can also be done more smoothly. Guests can take the tablet along with them around the hotel to use it to communicate with hotel staff and other guests.

In addition, in the 13 universal rooms located on the 30th floor of the main building, there are monitors set in the night table and bathroom that displays notices and pictograms of things such as door chime, incoming calls from the hotel phone, “UD talk” and emergency broadcast. There is also an alert system that notifies guests by flashing the interior lights and activating a cushion that vibrates.

Anticipating the comfort demanded by the times, Keio Plaza Hotel endeavors to provide guests with a peace of mind, comfort and safety, one stay after another. We have no greater joy than to hear our esteemed guests saying “We’ll like to come again”.