089Our room maintenance professional who lays the groundwork for a comfortable stay.

2022.4.15 Fri.

At the Keio Plaza Hotel, we have a specialist whose expertise is in repair and mending work. His job is to scrutinize the condition of each room before welcoming new guests. If there is a problem such as a stain or indentation on the carpet, scratches on the furniture, a smear/stain on or damage to the wall, or wobbly furniture, he will swiftly fix the problem and make the room fresh for a comfortable stay.

For damage to the wooden furniture, he fills the imperfection with a special filler, smoothens the surface to make it flat, and colors the repair to match the rest. Indentations on the carpet under the table legs can be fixed by applying steam from an iron. These repair techniques have been passed on by senior staff members and improved over time. He is our jack-of-all-trades when it comes to repair. In fact, one of his techniques that can be utilized at home was even featured on TV!

His work space is filled with various types of parts and professional cleansers that enable him to do the superb job he does. Room Maintenance work is the linchpin of the hotel business since the guestroom leaves the biggest impression on people. He has been able to maintain the high quality of our rooms and finish up repairs within the timeframe he is given.

There is always a professional working behind the scenes in our hotel.