At our opening in 1971, Main Lobby(left), Coffee House "Shiki"(center), Buffet restaurant "Sango"(right)

088The Hotel’s legacy of artistic interior design since its establishment is still alive.

2022.3.14 Mon.

Isamu Kenmochi, the legendary interior designer, was the major figure in a project called ‘a hotel that embodies Japanese pride’, and oversaw the spatial design of the Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo. In 1971, while the mainstream hotel design was set in a Classic style, the interior design of the Keio Plaza Hotel was harmoniously coordinated with unprecedented modern art forms and designs. Guests could soak up the cutting-edge futuristic ambience visually, and it caused a sensation soon after the hotel made its dazzling debut.

Isamu Kenmochi, in his constant pursuit of quality, dared to invite many young, gifted artists to infuse diversity and joy into the space. Thanks to their endeavors, the hotel became like a museum where people could truly relax and appreciate its elegance. The chief engineer of the interior who worked under Mr. Kenmochi, said of the design policy “We chose three major themes for this high skyscraper hotel: coolness, freshness and enjoyableness...We believe that the first impression is very important. We wanted to create a hotel that could meet guests’ expectations.”

The hotel showcased a breathtaking array of beautiful colors, bold design structures, striking first-rate art works, and a blend of the traditional beauty of East and West. It displayed lush greenery for guests to admire, as well. The moment people stepped into the hotel, they were immediately enchanted by its charm. Every part of the interior looked fresh, and continues to attract people even today. Although some parts have been renovated, our stalwart design policy remains. We have created a space where guests can relax, experience fine art, and partake in other forms of entertainment. We are a friendly and accessible hotel for everyone. The essence of the hotel continues to live on in every nook and cranny.

At our opening in 1971, Sky Lounge "Aurora Lounge"(left), Bar Lounge "Young Bar"(right)

At our opening in 1971, Sky Lounge "Aurora Lounge"(top), Bar Lounge "Young Bar"(bottom)