087Experience Japanese culture with Hinamatsuri ornaments in the lobby

2022.3.14 Mon.

The hotel is a place where different people and cultures come together, and we have been welcoming many people from overseas. This mindset paved the way to becoming an icon in promoting Japanese tradition and culture. We have been holding multiple fairs, featuring Mt. Fuji, samurai regalia and others, to illustrate the beauty of Japan.

Hinamatsuri, the Doll Festival, is a day to pray for the health and happiness of girls. Our celebration of this festival started in 2003. The elegant, lavish decorations bring pleasure to many guests, including overseas guests.

Around the time of the Hinamatsuri festival, the hotel lobby becomes awash with more than 4,500 colorful handcrafted ornaments, called Tsurushi Kazari. Our Tsurushi Kazari art is exclusively done by artisan Mitsuyo Matsuo. They are made with antique kimono silk fabrics. Each stitch contains their prayers for all girls to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Aside from their traditional artworks, some ornaments are modeled after the latest trends, such as famous anime characters, in order to entertain children of today’s generation as well. This expresses the artisans’ warm-hearted affection for the children, along with their admiration for the older traditions.

Besides those regular arrangements, we offer various Hinamatsuri-themed lunch menus and events such as workshops and concerts. As time goes by, our Hinamatsuri event has become even more popular, enabling guests to fully immerse themselves in miyabi* culture.

Our annual Hinamatsuri celebration marks the beginning of spring to our guests. As our hotel is deeply rooted in Japanese customs, we treasure these historical arts and crafts that have been around for centuries. Our hope is to pass on these traditions through time and enlighten visitors from around the world.

* Miyabi is the traditional Japanese aesthetic of refinement and elegance.