086Illumination Night, A Winter Tradition

2022.2.15 Tue.

In January 1975, four years after Keio Plaza Hotel’s grand opening, we held an unprecedented event where a Beatles movie was projected on the exterior wall of our hotel, which was also broadcasted live on TV. As the event was a resounding success, it led us to create a large-scale event called "Illumination Night", which started in December 1994. The idea was born from the enthusiasm of a hotel staff member who came up with the idea of using the windows and exterior walls of our skyscraper hotel as a screen.

Approximately 400 guests applied to be “performers”, by getting them to open and close the curtains in their guest rooms in synchronicity according to signals given. The one-night only event embellished the hotel walls with magnificent light art. It was a breathtakingly spectacular sight of about 20 different pictorial patterns and messages, created by the light emitting through each window panel. Every year, many people gather on the day of the event and the area around the hotel is filled with cheers of awe and appreciation. The best part of it was the sense of unity between our guests and hotel staff. This interactive event was a huge hit and remained a popular winter tradition for 20 years.

During the summer of 2020, in the midst of a world-wide pandemic, we utilized our knowledge and experience in illumination to create a motivational message to cheer on and encourage everyone through those trying times. Our hotel staff made use of the lights in our guest rooms to create an image of a heart to send love and give thanks to everyone in the medical field as well as to our neighbors. In response, we received many warm messages filled with gratitude.

“Illumination Night” is when our hotel becomes the medium of spreading warmth and happiness. It is a beautiful, reciprocal event which makes both participants and spectators happy. All of our experiences and achievements through these events have become a cherished asset to Keio Plaza Hotel.