084Stories Behind The Scene Part 2: Off-White Exterior For A New Image Of Hotels

2022.1.14 Fri.

As a pioneer in the development of the Shinjuku subcenter, Keio Plaza Hotel opened in 1971 advocating a new image of hotels with our “plaza philosophy”, and was also a pioneer who introduced the latest technology and design concepts in terms of tangible resources.

In particular, our exterior design used a precast concrete curtain wall method which was the first attempt in Japan for skyscrapers. By changing the exterior wall from the conventional metal panels to heavy concrete panels, this construction technique further reinforces buildings with shallow depth against earthquakes and strong winds.

We also thought about how to design our hotel in harmony with the blue sky and adopted off-white as our color. With unconventional, creative ingenuity not bound by the image of a hotel’s exterior at the time, which was of a heavy brick color, we were able to stand out with a refined beauty distinct to Keio Plaza Hotel.

The resplendent off-white exterior against the blue sky, the graceful curves of the walls and slender silhouette. As the construction of the hotel at the site of a former water purification plant advanced, we have heard from many that there was a sense of excitement and longing, giving them hope of a new era to come.

It has been 50 years since our opening, and the pioneering spirit of Keio Plaza Hotel, in both tangible and intangible aspects, is still kept alive till this day. We will continue to endeavor with our unique innovativeness to deliver the best services and hospitality in line with the times, trends and needs of the current time.