082Ensuring Your Safety & Security

2021.12.15 Wed.

Since our opening as Japan’s first skyscraper hotel, we have taken it upon ourselves to prioritize safety and security above all else at Keio Plaza Hotel. We believe that the safety and security of a hotel is of utmost importance. Keio Plaza Hotel manages and carries out daily training for security, disaster prevention and hygiene management to ensure that all staff are always highly aware of up-to-date disaster prevention protocols.

In 2005, we established a team to prepare for major earthquakes, and expanded our in-house training. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, many naturally gathered at our hotel saying, “We are safe at Keio Plaza Hotel and trust that their staff are capable of taking care of us.” By welcoming, supporting, and guiding guests who had difficulty returning home, we learnt many valuable lessons from this experience.

For overseas guests, we have created an illustration-based evacuation guidance card in 5 different languages, as well as implemented emergency transportation training for larger built individuals. In 2020, we also held an evacuation training with guide dogs and service dogs. Keio Plaza Hotel continues to enhance and expand our initiatives to ensure the safety and security of guests.

From large-scale trainings to late night trainings, as well as small trainings held department-by-department, we have conducted an average of 440 disaster prevention drills every year over the past three years. Keio Plaza Hotel has received numerous awards, including an award from the Tokyo Disaster Prevention and Emergency Association, for the accumulation of effective training that fits the needs of each situation. We were also awarded the honorable “Letter of Appreciation From The Fire Commissioner” by the Tokyo Fire Department on 20th October 2021, after being evaluated comprehensively for our disaster drills and fire prevention.

Keio Plaza Hotel has endeavored to achieve both a welcoming atmosphere as well as a secure space with detailed disaster prevention system. With the current Covid-19 situation, starting with thorough cleaning and disinfection practices to proposals for new banquet styles, we are making every effort in prevention measures to cater to the “new lifestyle” in safety protocols.

At Keio Plaza Hotel, we will continue to be a “plaza” that always ensures the safety and security of all of our guests.