080Hotel Steward - Supporting Your Dining Experience

2021.12.15 Wed.

Do you know about the role of a hotel steward? There are professionals in varying fields at a hotel. A steward is someone who manages all tableware and equipment used for dining in the hotel. In short, an expert in all the equipment presented in your dining experience.

Keio Plaza Hotel has around 1,300 types of tableware. We have about 150,000 pieces of crockery, 56,000 pieces of glassware, 127,000 pieces of cutlery, as well as approximately 8,000 pieces of silverware (as of 2020).

The zenith of a steward’s skill is how efficiently they are able to manage and distribute this enormous amount of tableware to our banquet halls and restaurants. Managing the flow of tableware is a meticulous task carried out daily. A steward's expertise in tableware care is also indispensable. For example, the different cleaning methods used for pottery and silverware.

Another important task of a steward is to determine the type and number of tableware required for an opening or renewal of a restaurant, as well as to procure tableware that meets the chef’s requests. It takes around 7 to 8 years of experience in the profession to be able to select the best tableware to complement the dishes, ensure smooth service and provide a comfortable dining experience for guests.

The wonderful tableware that you come across in our restaurants and bars, including the beautiful glassware and utensils are carefully curated by the hotel steward. They are an unsung hero who supports our warm hospitality from the backstage armed with their profound knowledge and skills in tableware and the dining experience.