079A Rich & Colorful Assortment Of Handmade Ice Cream

2021.11.8 Mon.

Having a generous number of pastry chefs, Keio Plaza Hotel is able to offer a comprehensive selection of handmade desserts in our hotel. Popular for its wide variety of delectable flavors, ice cream is no exception. Amongst the pastry chefs, we have glacier chefs who specialize in making ice cream, allowing us to have an assortment of around 30 to 40 types of ice cream and sherbets every day.

The basic method of making vanilla ice cream is to add carefully selected ingredients such as milk, cream, eggs, and vanilla into an ice cream manufacturing tank, which carries out blending, pasteurization, homogenization, aging, and finally cooled and hardened by stirring it in a refrigerator. For about three hours, the glacier chefs work continuously in a refrigerator kept at about 6℃. A refined rich flavor is achieved by paying close attention to the amount of air added during the stirring and the generous usage of high-grade vanilla. Above all, it is said that the timing of which it is removed from refrigeration is one of the most important factors that affect the texture of the ice cream.

With an abundance of 100* different flavors, including our vanilla ice cream, it is a testament to the diversity of restaurants at Keio Plaza Hotel. By serving desserts from all over the world, such as Japanese, Western and Chinese, our chefs were able to create a number of unique ice cream recipes. Our hotel-made ice cream are gems created by our glacier chefs that skillfully utilize seasonal flavors and the tastiness of each ingredient, further enhancing the temptation of Keio Plaza Hotel’s desserts.

*Total amount of flavors offered in 2019