077Transitions Of MICE - Part 2: Building Up Knowledge Over Time To Become The Top MICE Hotel

2021.9.24 Fri.

The success of large incentive tours and international conferences that Keio Plaza Hotel held in the early 1970s has also helped drive the growth of the hotel. Knowledge and experience was acquired from having to serve a multitude of guests arriving at the same time. Such as a system that allows a large number of guests who have just arrived from a long journey to check-in smoothly, and seamless coordination between staff to promptly deliver a large number of suitcases to their respective rooms. Responding to various request from guests over time became an accumulation of knowledge.

With that, the history of MICE overlaps with the history of our hotel. With the completion of our South Building in 1980, further enhancing our function as a convention hotel, making it perfect to hold academic meetings and international conferences. In addition, with the hosting of the “World Conference on Rehabilitation” in 1988, we became the first hotel in the world to promote and implement barrier-free facilities. In 2001, we also became the earliest hotel to introduce optical cables throughout the building in order to provide a high-speed, large-capacity, high-quality network, and it became a venue for various international conferences for advanced technology such as the “UN IT Conference.” In 2015, our banquet hall on the 47th floor of the main building was refurbished, upgrading the communication system using LAN and a MICE-dedicated information counter was set up to enable smoother conference management.

Keio Plaza Hotel takes pride in our continued enhancement of universal services and IT infrastructure to keep up with the pace of MICE and ahead of the ever-evolving needs of the present. Along with our meticulous hospitality that we have built from all of our experiences, we aim to be the “Top MICE Hotel” that fulfills the expectations and needs of our guests.