076Transitions Of MICE - Part 1: A Samurai Party That Captured The Hearts Of Overseas Guest

2021.9.24 Fri.

“MICE” is an English acronym for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions such as international conferences, academic meetings, conventions, and corporate incentive tours (trips to reward high-achieving employees or clients). Over the course of 50 years, Keio Plaza Hotel has earned a reputation for the successful MICE events held at our hotel. The success of a large scale incentive tour for the American refrigerator-maker, Gibson, in the summer of 1973 made our name known. Our hotel proposed a “Samurai Party” for the company's award ceremony, which was the highlight of the tour, captured the hearts of more than 2,500 guests that night.

A dazzling period drama-like Daimyō procession made its appearance at the venue with the sound of drums echoing. The president of Gibson and his wife welcomes the awardees with a smile, as they step off a Kago (Japanese palanquin) dressed as a Japanese lord and his wife. It is said that roars of cheers and applause arose during this ceremony that conveys the “unconventional fun” which is distinctive of the Keio Plaza Hotel.

Later, in a letter from Gibson expressing the president's gratitude, he said, “No staff has worked so devotedly before.” and “It was the best hotel I have ever been to.” At a time where Asia was not the top choice for overseas companies to pick for a tour, this success changed the reputation of Asia and became the epoch for the subsequent acquisition of large-scale tours.

Keio Plaza Hotel's staff are always up for a challenge, and to provide our guests with the greatest enjoyment and warmest hospitality. With this passionate attitude passed down through generations of staff and cultivated till this day, we have become known as a hotel that supports and creates successful MICE events, the home of MICE events in Japan.