072Shun (Tempura Restaurant) - Special Oil Blend & The Significance Of “Steaming”

2021.7.27 Tue.

Tempura is said to be profound because it is simple. Tempura restaurant, Shun, on the 7th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel is highly rated for their refined flavors, using specially selected variety of produce from the mountains and ocean. The key to bringing out the exquisite flavors of these ingredients, is to be especially selective in the type and quality of oil used.

The oil used at Shun is a blend of two special sesame oils that is made by different production methods. One is a raw cold-pressed sesame oil, and the other is made by using a very old and precious traditional method. This traditional method known as Tamajime Shibori, involves slowly cold-pressing roasted sesame seeds with low pressure, producing a more refined oil. The combination of the two oils together makes a special and unique blend that brings out the natural flavor and lightness of the sesame seeds.

Taking extra care of the “steaming” stage in tempura-making, rather than serving the freshly fried tempura immediately, the chefs at Shun recognizes the importance of the momentary “steaming” with residual heat to bring out an even fuller flavor profile which allows the natural characteristics of the ingredients to stand out.

The best part of Shun's tempura is that one can enjoy the fullest flavors of fresh seasonal ingredients at their peak. The tempura is prepared according to the time needed to fry and steam, as well as to the chef's conversation with each guest and their pace of eating. We hope you enjoy a wonderful time at Shun with tempura prepared fresh in front of you at the counter seats.