070Minami Tada's Chandelier - An Artist Who Pursued Light

2021.7.6 Tue.

An impressive chandelier shining brilliantly against the beautiful backdrop of Tokyo's nightscape 160m above ground. The original lighting installed above the bar counter of Sky Lounge <Aurora> on the 45th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel's building, is created by Minami Tada (1924-2014) when we first opened in 1971. A pioneer amongst female sculptors, Tada is a three-dimensional artist known for abstract works that utilizes the reflection of light. Together with the Italian marble counter, it is a unique space loved by many of Tada's fans.

The magnificence of the infinite amount of light refracting from the hundreds of acrylic bundles dangling from the ceiling seems like its brilliance was made by gathering all the twinkling stars in the sky. This impressive display of light refraction is heart-warming and fascinating at the same time. When our hotel first opened, we had another of Tada's creation displayed in the main lobby. A glass mirror sculpture, Space Terminal, stood at 3m tall and reflected people and sceneries passing through our lobby (moved to The Toyama Prefectural Symbiosis Center after the lobby was renovated in 1991). Like the chandelier, it is an artwork unique to Tada's art concept, collecting and reflecting light, creating a world of its own.

City lights surrounding the hotel gets captured and refracted vividly throughout out Sky Lounge <Aurora>. This brilliant chandelier still impresses guests even after half a century.

*The panel photo of Tada's ”Space Terminal“ which was displayed in our main lobby can be found at our hotel's 50th anniversary commemorative exhibition, “The 50 Year Story of the Keio Plaza Hotel”.

“Relaxation and Elegance - Art & Interior Design From Our Opening in 1971”
Duration: April 22, Thursday to April 22 (Thursday), 2021 to May 31 (Tuesday), 2022
Location: Main lobby on the 3rd floor of Keio Plaza Hotel's main building