067An Industry's First - Assistance Dog Toilet

2021.5.28 Fri.

Recently, it has become more common to see guide dogs or service dogs; assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. Have you ever thought how these assistance dogs relieve themselves while they are out?

Assistance dogs learn the timing and proper way of excretion during training. Their handlers manage the assistance dogs' excretion by planning ahead of time and finding a place where they are able to relieve themselves with peace of mind while they are out. Therefore, in order to create a more comfortable environment for our guests with assistance dogs, Keio Plaza Hotel specially designed an industry's first “Assistance Dog Toilet” in 2007.

The private toilet installed on a roofed area outside the lobby of the South Building has a flat floor, making it convenient for wheelchairs. The wooden deck is made out of a durable wood called Urin, which is also known as Ironwood and the man-made turf is made of material that is gentle on dogs' paws. A stainless steel pan lies underneath the man-made turf, allowing for urine to be drained. The toilet is also designed to be a step higher to ensure easier clean up for handlers in wheelchairs. There are also braille blocks in the movement lanes. These specifications including others, have made it user-friendly for both the handlers and their assistance dogs, and even after 14 years since it was first introduced, our hotel continues to receive positive feedback and responses.

Many guests with assistance dogs have chosen to stay at Keio Plaza Hotel ever since, including the first overseas guest with a service dog in 1997. Keio Plaza Hotel has been actively promoting the acceptance of assistance dogs even before the "Assistance Dogs for Persons with Disabilities Act" was enacted in 2002 for the purpose of independence and social participation of persons with physical disabilities. Besides the installation of the toilet for assistance dogs, the experience we accumulated through valuable interactions with our guests has led to the further enhancement of our hotel’s universal services.

* We received guidance from the following organizations when designing and constructing the toilet for assistance dogs. Guide Dog ' Service Dogs Association of Japan Japan Service Dog Resource Center Japan Service Dog Association