063Assistive Listening Technology - Audio Induction Loop System, Taking Care Of Your Grandparents And Those With Hearing Difficulties

2020.7.29 Wed.

“I want my precious grandfather and grandmother to see me in a wedding gown and enjoy every moment of my wedding.” For brides and grooms who have been longing for the wedding attended by their three generations of the families, choosing a venue suitable for elderly guests is an issue of great concern.

In 2004, Keio Plaza Hotel introduced the Audio Induction Loop System in their banquet halls. Since then, we have received favorable feedback about the system, from people with hearing difficulties that they were able to share a wonderful experience.

The system amplifies the sounds from the microphone in the banquet hall and delivers it to hearing aids and other receivers compatible with the Audio Induction Loop System. By preparing a receiver for your grandparents (and those with hearing difficulties), they will be able to listen clearly to the greetings from the guests of honor, the voices of the bride and groom, as well as congratulatory messages from friends.

At Keio Plaza Hotel, in addition to assistive listening support, we also provide support for those who are visually impaired, or those in wheelchairs, as well as assistance when moving from the reception to the main building. We also have Universal Design (Accessible) Rooms* that have a comprehensive selection of universal services for your peace of mind and comfort.

Our warmest hospitality to the grandfathers and grandmothers who are looking forward to their grandchildren's wedding ceremony. Keio Plaza Hotel's weddings will deliver the bride's and groom's care and consideration towards their guests.

** Audio Induction Loop System compatible receivers are available at our banquet office. Please feel free to contact us.