037VOL. 37 Nan-en Chinese Cuisine - Original & Timeless Sweet & Sour Sauce

2019.2.5 Tue.

Crispy and juicy pork coated in mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce. You find yourself craving it over and over again, no matter how many times you had it. This particular sweet and sour pork dish loved by our many guests can be found at Chinese restaurant Nan-en, on the 2nd floor of our main building. A popular favorite from the à la carte menu, Nan-en’s sweet and sour pork’s secret is in its sauce, made from Nan-en’s very own original recipe since its opening in 1971.

Nan-en’s original recipe uses hawthorn fruit as an accent for the sweet and sour flavors of the dish. Lastly, by boiling down granulated sugar and fresh lemon, to bring out the rich sweetness and fresh citrusy fragrances, it results in a mellow and luscious flavor. Adorning the plate along with the juicy and crispy pork shoulder pieces are red and green peppers, Japanese leek, and pineapple that goes extremely well with meat, as well as a rare ingredient for this dish, pickled scallion. All these ingredients are found in the original recipe since Nan-en’s opening. The flavors and textures of each ingredient adds to the addictiveness of the dish.

Loved by many for nearly half a century, as long as our hotel’s history, this sweet and sour dish can speak of Nan-en’s origin. By bringing out the characteristics and using the flavors of each ingredient to its fullest, authentic Cantonese cuisine can be enjoyed at Chinese restaurant, Nan-en.