036VOL. 36 Sho-fu-an – An In-Hotel Tea Ceremony Room That Conveys Traditional Japanese Culture

2019.1.8 Tue.

The traditional Japanese sliding door opens up to a cozy tatami room, a table seating area and a wickerwork ceiling. Set in the ground, in front of the Nijiriguchi (the small entrance to the tea ceremony room), is a traditional Japanese stone washbasin for cleansing one’s hands.

A tranquil space, the tea ceremony room, Sho-fu-an, is located on the 10th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel. The authentic traditional Japanese space within a city skyscraper hotel has pleasantly surprised many guests. Successive generations of staff continue to carry on the tradition, since the establishment of the hotel in 1971. To the staff in charge of cleaning and maintaining the historical Sho-fu-an daily, it fills them with pride as they feel like they are protecting a precious part of tradition and an important asset of the hotel.

With the advice from Urasenke* for the design, Sho-fu-an is a formal Japanese tea ceremony room. Today, asides the tea ceremonies, one can also experience traditional Japanese tea ceremony with English commentary provided by the tea ceremony master, which has become highly popular amongst our foreign guests.

By keeping traditional culture alive within a modern and advanced space, Keio Plaza Hotel is a hotel that continues to protect and share the beauty of traditional Japanese culture.

*Urasenke is one of the main schools of traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

◎ Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
Days: Everyday except Thursdays, Sundays and days with private reservations.
Time: Sessions start from 11am, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm
Duration: 30 minutes (Up to 4 people per session)
Participation Fee: 2,000yen per person (Includes tea, confectionery, service charge & tax)
* As sessions do get fully booked, it is highly recommended that guests make reservations in advance.