066Our Traditional French Dressing - Dressing Salads Since Our Opening

2021.3.15 Mon.

Speaking of salad dressings, many of our guests might think of our traditional French dressing as a signature taste of Keio Plaza Hotel. The French dressing offered at our various restaurants is made from a traditional recipe since our opening in 1971. Its recipe that has been carefully passed down through generations was created by Honorary Executive Chef Hirochika Midorikawa.

The ingredients are very simple; onion, rice vinegar, salad oil, mustard and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. The sweetness of the onion, together with the refreshing tarty flavors of the rice vinegar and mustard provides the perfect harmonious balance, allowing it to go well with any salads and it has been popular amongst guests since our opening. Instead of adding a luxury ingredient like white wine, our style uses the familiar flavor of onions to create a classic taste that will please everyone. “Because it is made with simple ingredients, it became a taste that is loved by many,” said Deputy Executive Chef Shinichi Sato who was under Midorikawa's tutelage.

This French dressing is the base of Keio Plaza Hotel’s salad dressings. It is made in our hotel's kitchen in Shinjuku and supplied to our other hotels located in Tama and Hachioji. Guests can also enjoy customizing the dressing to their own liking at Glass Cour, Super Buffet, by adding other ingredients such as Japanese soy sauce.

Our French dressing is a gem with a long history of dressing salads and speaks of the hotel's unwavering standards through time.