065Keio Plaza Hotel's Original Gravy - Bringing Out The Flavor Of Roast Beef

2021.3.15 Mon.

Beautifully crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside. One of Keio Plaza Hotel's signature dish, available at Glass Court (Super Buffet) located on the 2nd floor of the main building, is roast beef freshly sliced to order in front of our guests by our chef. The hotel's original gravy further enhances the taste of this irresistible dish that is over-flowingly juicy, revealing a beautiful pink blush when sliced.

Gravy is usually made à la minute by adding wine and seasoning to the juices of grilled meat. However, Glass Court welcomes many guests daily, so at Keio Plaza Hotel, our chefs prepare a tasty, robust gravy in advance so that all guests can enjoy the same flavors.

Our gravy was created by current Honorary Executive Chef Hirochika Midorikawa. The rich base is a “Fon de Veau” made by carefully simmering vegetables and meat tendon, followed by adding juicy veal tendon, aromatic vegetables and a bouquet garni. A recipe filled with ideas in typical Midorikawa-style, who is known as a French cuisine master, we have carefully preserved this recipe and inherited its flavors as Keio Plaza Hotel’s very own gravy.

Bursting with umami-ness from meat juices as well as the sweetness and depth of vegetables, our gravy truly brings out and enhances the flavors of roast beef. Come enjoy the traditional tastes of our hotel