062Wood Promenade Garden, A Koki Fukaya's Masterpiece

2020.7.29 Wed.

As you step out from the tunnel that leads to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building from the west exit of Shinjuku, your field of vision will be greeted by luscious greenery, with the streets lined by Zelkova trees. Known as Keio Plaza Hotel's wood promenade garden, this outdoor space that opened a new era of landscape designing, was created by self-proclaimed “Outdoor Space Creator,” landscape guru, Koki Fukaya when the hotel first opened in 1971. It is loved by its visitors throughout the years as a masterpiece that harmonizes the original landscape of Musashino's woodland with the cityscape lined with skyscrapers.

A stone-paved slope gently guides one to the hotel, where greenery fills your vision and a natural stone pathway leads you on a pleasurable walk through the thickets. This impressive creation is unique to Fukaya's landscape design, where with every turn one will be immersed in nature. The arrangement of the stones protruding from the walls beside the stairs is his vision of “intended, rugged nature”. With gentle breezes, trees and calming nature, we hope to provide a relaxing space that invites the busy modern day person to take a breather. Taking into regard its natural changes and movements in his design, this lively, large-scale wood promenade garden is a crystallization of Fukaya's aesthetic sense. The stones and trees in this woodland inspired garden age together with Keio Plaza Hotel, growing greener and richer with time.