061Choose A Lounge By Their Coffee

2020.4.24 Fri.

Enjoy your coffee break at Keio Plaza Hotel. The coffee served at each of our four bustling lounges offers its own special blend varying in its flavors such as their bitterness, acidity and balance.

Our Sky Lounge, Aurora on the 45th floor specializes in espresso beans. High quality roasted beans from Guatemala, Brazil, are well suited to the soft water of Japan. It has a berry-like refreshing acidity, along with very fine textured foam (crema). With its rich aroma and smoothness, it also makes great cappuccinos and lattes.

On the 3rd floor, our Cocktail & Tea Lounge has renewed its coffee flavors in the spring of 2019. Here, the black coffee is popular amongst coffee lovers where they can enjoy a deeper richness, bitterness and balanced acidity. On the same floor, Art Lounge, Duet, offers the hotel standard that is loved by all. A cup that is silky, well balanced and easy on the palate.

Under the supervision of a staff member who acquired the Coffee Meister qualification in 2018, an original blend was created at our all-day dining restaurant, Jurin, on the 2nd floor. With a wonderful bitterness that lasts till the aftertaste, it is an aromatic and delicious coffee even when cold.

Each lounge with its own distinctive coffee flavors, come enjoy a lovely coffee break at Keio Plaza Hotel, choose a lounge by its coffee.