060Japanese Tatami Suites – Experience A Unique Japanese Style Of Relaxation In The Heart of The City

2020.04.24 Fri.

Kyoto tatami mats and wooden sliding doors that gently lets in natural sunlight… The refreshing scent of natural wood greets you as you open the door to our traditional Japanese room (Japanese Tatami Suite) on the 10th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel’s main building. From the inviting cypress bathtub filled to the brim with hot water to the Japanese stone garden, the interior fittings and furniture were crafted by highly skilled carpenters in Kyoto using traditional Japanese techniques. It is a space where one can experience traditional Japanese hospitality and enjoy a unique Japanese style of relaxation. When the hotel first opened as Japan’s first high-rise hotel, our Japanese Tatami suites were created with the desire for both local and overseas guests to enjoy Japanese living in the hotel.

Throughout the years, as Keio Plaza Hotel continues to be at the forefront of luxurious guest rooms, we continue to carefully maintain our traditional Japanese rooms as a way to preserve and share the traditional Japanese culture. Even now, the suite is popular amongst many overseas guests who want to experience a part of traditional Japan firsthand. With two rooms, the Japanese suite is spacious and easily holds up to 4 guests. It is also well received by guests with young children, as they can safely and comfortably sleep beside their children.

The comfort of relaxing on tatami mats, sleeping side by side on traditional futon mattresses leisurely and comfortably with family, is truly a unique Japanese experience awaiting for you in the heart of the city.