059The First Step Of Our Hotel's Bartenders – Hairstyle

2020.03.17 Tue.

With their excellent hospitality and skills, Keio Plaza Hotel bartenders are highly acclaimed nationally and internationally. Aspired by the glamorous performance, as well as the clean, fresh and professional look, our young employees who are aiming to become bartenders get “baptized” with a special hairstyle passed down through generations of senior bartenders when they join the company.

Using special grooming equipment and cream, it is a well-designed hairstyle that does not become unruly even when shaking up a cocktail. It is said that in the changing room, the seniors teach the juniors styling techniques such as how to use the blow dryer. Even at cocktail competitions, it is also said that Keio Plaza Hotel bartenders can be identified by their unique hairstyle. It is interesting that our bartender's hairstyle has become synonymous with the hotel.

Keio Plaza Hotel is garnering attention because of our top bartenders who are leading the industry. Perhaps the passion in personal grooming passed down through generations has created a brilliant tradition allowing our bartenders to feel a special bond with their seniors and proud to be part of Keio Plaza Hotel.