058Banquet Room Names Filled With Culture & Sentiments

2020.3.17 Tue.

Have you noticed that the 30 banquet rooms in Keio Plaza Hotel's main building have a different common theme for each floor?

On the higher floors, they are named after mountains and skies, and on the 4th floor, they are named after flowers and trees. When we first opened as Japan's first high rise hotel, more than anything else, the majestic views from the top floor attracted many. With that in mind, and also for our guests to be able to locate the banquet rooms easily, the themes were made to coincide with scenes from nature and the level they are on.

On the 42nd floor, banquet rooms named after mountains that can be seen from the hotel such as “Fuji”, “Takao” and “Mitake” and on the 43rd floor, there are banquet rooms named after night skies, such as “Starlight”, “Moonlight” and “Subaru”. In addition, with the birth of the new Metropolitan Government Building in 1991, our highest floor, the 47th floor, which was used as an observation deck when the hotel first opened, was remodeled into banquet rooms named after scenic skies in daylight, such as “Asahi”, “Hikari” and “Akebono”. A hotel staff, who was around since then said, “As time goes by, we feel that we did a good job naming the banquet rooms. The Japanese naming was very well received as it made it more uniquely Japanese, and there are times where we would explain the meaning behind the names to overseas guests.”

This little story shows that Keio Plaza Hotel's unique omotenashi* could be found even in the naming of banquet rooms.

*Omotenashi – Japanese Hospitality