057Keio Plaza Hotel’s Omotenashi* Video - Sharing Our Passion Towards Hospitality

2020.2.5 Wed.

What kind of hotel is Keio Plaza Hotel? You can find the answer by watching a video we created based on real life instances on our official YouTube channel.

The video entitled “PLAZA, All for our guests’ smile” is a re-creation of heart-warming real life instances. A cross-company team compromising of young staff gathered stories and six of those stories were chosen to be made into videos. A female concierge making every effort to make her guests’ special surprise come true, a lobby service staff who wants to make sure that the guests can feel comfortable as if in their own home, a true universal service where all our staff worked together as one at a commemorative ceremony with 180 guide dogs, a bartender who remembered an overseas guest who’s last visit was 10 years ago, the chef and staff taking on the challenge of creating a very special one and only wedding cake in the world, as well as a restaurant staff that reflects guests’ thoughts on a plate. All of which are heart-warming and touching stories.

This is the 2nd Keio Plaza Hotel hospitality video following Vol.1 produced in 2008. Underlying this is the hotel’s vision of “to be a place where people can gather, talk, relax and enjoy themselves” as well as our staffs’ warm hospitality and passion to make every guest smile. To make sure guests have a peace of mind and feel at home, to be considerate towards guests’ needs, and to make sure that if we were in the guest’s position, we would be happy too. The episode depicted here is filled with what makes "Keio Plaza-ness" that has been handed down and developed further every day throughout the hotel. Please take a look at our video.

Keio Plaza’s Omotenashi* Video “PLAZA, All for our guests’smile”:

*Omotenashi – Japanese hospitality