056“Birds Eye” – A Unique Cross-Company Social Contribution Activity Project

2020.2.5 Wed.

Keio Plaza Hotel is known for our reputable universal service even amongst the hotel industry. To enhance our corporate culture on top of the installations of barrier-free equipment and facilities, as well as providing appropriate support, we are working to further improve our level of service by actively participating in study sessions and awareness programs. One example is our staff participatory “Birds Eye” cross-company project launched in 2002. With more than 300 participants up to date, every year approximately 20 staff members gathered from an in-company open call join the program, which focuses on the three pillars: barrier-free, ecology and social contribution. The most distinctive feature of the Birds Eye project is that it is composed of members regardless of department, position, occupational history, age and gender. It is gaining attention as a unique project that plays an increasingly important role in social contribution activities.

We participate in various activities while cooperating with external related organizations. For example, study sessions for Paralympic games, experiencing Para sports, research and field trips to promote understanding of assistance dogs, updating on barrier-free and ecology knowledge, searching for local contributions unique to hotels etc. Keio Plaza Hotel’s annual charity event,“Volunteer Plaza” is a festival where all guests can come and see the results of our activities and the current state of our hotel’s barrier-free facilities. This contributes to the increased awareness and understanding for the need of barrier-free facilities and services. Many guests enjoy participating in this event every year as they get to have a fun and unique experience.

Bird's Eye activities also contribute to the development of universal services that guests can actually use. The experience, thoughts, opinions and ideas accumulated by our staff while working on site have been the driving force for the expansion of universal services that will only continue to evolve.