054“Barrier-Free Spirit” – A Safe & Comfortable Hotel Experience For All

2019.12.25 Wed.

Keio Plaza Hotel was created on the “plaza ideology”, the fundamental principle of becoming a “plaza” where people gather and relax. Since our opening, our approach towards serving guests regardless of nationality, age or disabilities is the same concept as those of universal services. From the installations of barrier-free equipment and facilities, to providing appropriate support to elderly guests and those with disabilities, as well as meticulous hospitality to overseas guests, Keio Plaza Hotel has been has been pursuing the “barrier-free spirit” for many years.

One example is the acquisition of “Universal Manner Certification” sponsored by Japan Universal Manners Association, which has been actively incorporated into our staff training since 2013. And as of end of October 2019, 284 staff members have acquired the certification. We run our daily hotel operations from the teachings of the curriculum, which nurtures our staff to have the mind and attitude to be able to “act (understand) from the perspective of those who are different from them.”

In 2017, Keio Plaza Hotel was recognized by our ongoing efforts and we were honored to receive the “Sustainability Award” in Universal Manner Award Ceremonies. In 2018, we were selected for registration as one of the 150 companies supporting the “Barrier-Free Spirit Campaign” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We became the first hotel to be recognized as a “Good Practice Company” for sustained superior efforts to raise awareness of the need to promote and implement barrier free measures including both facilities and services.

“Even if it’s difficult to change hardware (facilities or equipment), we can make up for anything that is missing with human power.” Instead of a set hospitality or service style, we have learnt to offer flexibility for each guest, watching over them and offering assistance when needed. With our hearts, we can humbly say that our “barrier-free spirit” is one of the charms of Keio Plaza Hotel.