053“Smart Cocktail” - Expanding Cocktail Enjoyment

2019.11.29 Fri.

Keio Plaza Hotel is well known for producing excellent and leading bartenders in the industry that have won national and international competitions. Leading the industry in creating innovative original cocktails, our bartenders have expanded the enjoyment of cocktails.

In 2004, with legendary bartender Kazuya Watanabe as the center of non-alcoholic cocktail development, Keio Plaza Hotel became the pioneer of non-alcoholic cocktails in Japan. Catching on the demand early on for low alcohol content, easy-to-drink cocktails, our bartenders have also developed “Smart Cocktail”, which has less than 3% alcohol content. With the combined skills of 24 of our bartenders, led by bartender Katsumasa Suzuki who won the Grand Prix at the 1996 HBA (Japan Barmen’s Association) Creative Cocktail Competition, they created nine innovative, original and splendid cocktail recipes. These cocktails are being offered at some of our in-hotel bar lounges and restaurants since 2018.

One of the charms of “Smart Cocktail” is for guests who would like to enjoy cocktails without getting drunk or without a high alcohol content, and still be able to relax with a flavorful, luxurious glass of cocktail. Even by lowering the alcohol content, “Smart Cocktail” still places importance on the alcoholic flavor. It is popular amongst women and is often ordered at lunch gatherings. A cocktail that helps liven up the atmosphere and conversation, as well as with its soothing taste, “Smart Cocktail” provides a new way of cocktail enjoyment. Come discover our innovative, flavorful and luxurious “Smart Cocktail” at Keio Plaza Hotel today.

*Smart Cocktails are available at the 2F Main Bar, Brilliant, the 3F Cocktail & Tea Lounge, the 45F Sky Lounge, Aurora, and as well as some of our in-hotel restaurants.

*Type of Smart Cocktails offered might vary slightly depending on the season and bar/restaurant.