052“New Year’s Holiday Plan” – A Popular Staycation Plan Since 1971

2019.11.15 Fri.

Our “New Year’s Holiday Plan” at Keio Plaza Hotel is a special plan that is offered from year-end to the New Year’s holiday. During this time, the entire hotel would seem like it has transformed into a luxury cruise. It is a popular accommodation plan that has continued to welcome around 600 groups of guests every year.

Keio Plaza Hotel has been offering this plan since our opening in 1971, and since then, with the change of times, we started to offer more new varieties and options. For example, in 1995, Keio Plaza Hotel launched the “New Year’s Special Hospitality Team”. The team focuses on universal design (UD) and support, to ensure that all guests can enjoy a relaxing stay at the hotel. This is part of our unique and detailed hospitality we take pride in.

From New Year's Eve countdown live event with celebrities to the "Hatsuwarai-yose" (first traditional Japanese comedy show of the year) and concerts, guests on the New Year’s holiday plan can enjoy various events which are held everyday until the 2nd of January of the New Year for free. On top of that, guests can treat their palates to a gourmet buffet with Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines supervised by our executive chefs and other in-hotel restaurants with special menus, as well as “Go-raikou” on the upper floors (prayers that are made to the rising sun on New Year's Day.) The rich variety of programs from entertainment to food is the reason why our New Year’s holiday plan continues to be popular year after year. There are many guests who would come every year, and we have welcomed many guests that come with three generations of family. It will definitely be a memorable stay enjoyable for different generations from young children to elderly guests.

Spending year-end and the New Year’s at the hotel, where one could relax in their rooms and as and when they like, choose from the rich variety of programs that are offered. Putting in all our strengths and effort, Keio Plaza Hotel delivers to our esteemed guests, our very own unique “omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality).