051Teppan-yaki “YAMANAMI”: 3cm From The Iron Plate

2019.10.29 Tue.

Enjoy and compare the luxurious taste of two major high-end beef, a specialty at Keio Plaza Hotel’s Teppan-yaki restaurant, Yamanami. Our secret lies not only in the prime selection of Hida and Kobe beef, but also the skillful use of the iron plate (Teppan) to bring out the finest taste.

The Chef measures the best temperature for each ingredient by placing their palm about 3cm from the Teppan. What looks like a spacious Teppan surprisingly only has a small area for cooking. To be able to utilize the different temperature from the center to the edge of the Teppan skillfully, requires years of practice. The Chef stands between the borders of the areas of “rising temperature” and “decreasing temperatures” on the Teppan, and finds the right timing to achieve the best grilling according to guests’ preferences, type and characteristics of the meat. High-end beef, in particular, has low melting point fat, which is so delicate that the fat on the surface begins to melt after slicing it straight out of the fridge. The Chef would have to adjust the temperature of the Teppan while keeping in mind the surface of the meat, creating an ideal state of grilling.

A polished Teppan is a Teppan-yaki Chef’s stage. They pay close attention to the temperature of the Teppan, while weaving their own personality into conversations with guests. Our Chefs showmanship together with their skills produced the taste of “Yamanami”, which pleases not only the palates but also the hearts of many guests.