050Renewed & Enhanced Super Buffet “Glass Court” – A Pioneer In Open Concept, Live Kitchen

2019.10.11 Fri.

Keio Plaza Hotel’s “Glass Court” on the 2nd floor of our main building is a pioneer in the open concept “live” kitchen, where chefs serve up fresh, piping hot dishes in front of guests. This has become a popular kitchen style that is now a familiar sight in many places.

At the time of Glass Court’s opening in 2003, a buffet restaurant with a live kitchen was extremely rare. Keio Plaza Hotel has a variety of established restaurants, from Japanese, Western to Chinese cuisine, showcasing our strength in the diverse menu of Glass Court, together with the lively experience of an open concept live kitchen and the scrumptious spread, it has caught the attention of the food industry and has since then become the model for subsequent hotel buffets. Glass Court has had the pleasure of welcoming 4.2 million guests to date. It has become one of the many “faces” of Keio Plaza Hotel, known for being a satisfying, fun dining experience no matter who or when one chooses to visit.

In January 2019, 15 years after opening, Glass Court underwent a large-scale renewal renovation to further elevate the enjoyment of the five senses. With the expansion of the open kitchen performance spaces, one could enjoy more fun live performances, while chatting with the chefs or patissier to customize the finishing touches to your liking.

An entertaining food experience that keeps you excited from the entrance. We hope you will enjoy Glass Court to your heart’s content.