047VOL. 47 “Karaoke 47” – Popular Even Amongst International Guests

2019.8.23 Fri.

In 1994, the first in-hotel karaoke room in Tokyo “Karaoke 47” was established on the 47th floor of Keio Plaza Hotel’s main building. Back when there were only karaoke shops in the streets, Karaoke 47, where one could sing to the majestic views from the 47th floor, while enjoying cocktails made by the hotel's bartenders became a hot topic amongst the public. In 2008, the hotel expanded the capacity of “Karaoke 47”, and refurbished with the latest sound equipment and screens, which was well received by many guests.

From the beginning, the hotel’s relaxing atmosphere and quality services made a reputation amongst company executives, making it a secret popular spot for entertainment. In recent years, many international guests have been enjoying this nightlife experience and the convenience of being able to return to their rooms after enjoying a karaoke session. Now that the word “karaoke” is being recognized worldwide, it has brought a new bigger wave of popularity.

Come discover the joys of karaoke and sing to your heart’s content on a beautiful “stage” with the magnificent views from the 47th floor as your backdrop.