046VOL. 46 Loved By Many, Our Hotel’s Gem - Copenhagener (Danish Pastry)

2019.8.13 Tue.

Keio Plaza Hotel has many traditional items on our menu that has been around since the opening of the hotel, but our “Copenhagener” is our most well-known and well-loved pastry, that it has become a souvenir that represents our hotel. It is our longest best seller and the recipe has been unchanged ever since our opening. At the time of our opening, Hartmut Keitel made a name for himself as a patissier and sweets artist under the supervision of German head chef Paul Müller. It is said that Keitel added his own twist to the pastry that he came across during his period of study in Denmark, and that was how the hotel’s original Scandinavian style baked confectionary was born.

Copenhagener, baked with butter, honey and generous amount of almonds, the outside is crisp and fragrant, and the inside, moist, rich and flavorful. The secret is to bake the dough for 1.5 hours, then sandwich it with honey and almond paste, as well as apricot jam, and bake it for another 1.5 hours, the two layers creating absolute harmony. After it is baked, it is hand cut and wrapped one by one into clear plastic film. Because it takes so much time and effort, Chef Passtier Toshinobu Akiyama bakes it only once a week, and at only around 400 pieces at each time. It comes in a box of 10 and is limited to about 40 boxes a week.

“Because factors like the environment and ingredients are different than the time of our opening, it is not easy maintaining the traditional recipe. However, we are deeply grateful to the customers who continue to love our Copenhagener even through the change of time. It makes me feel a sense of mission,” says Akiyama. Supported by the passion of our pastry chefs throughout the changes of time, our Copenhagener welcomes its 48th year anniversary.

※ Our Copenhagener is available in the 2F Food Boutique, Poppins and our online shop. There is also a “Copenhagener Set” in the menu of the 3F Art Lounge, Duet.
※ As it is made in limited quantities, we ask for your kind understanding if it is sold out.