043VOL. 43 Auspicious “Husband & Wife Pillars” In Banquet Room, Hana.

2019.5.31 Fri.

The banquet room “Hana” on the 4th floor of the main building is popular for glamorous wedding receptions. With the soft lighting from the large flower motif chandelier, to its elegant fixtures and colors, this banquet hall brings out the beauty of both traditional Japanese and Western clothes. This banquet room has been popular since our opening, and later, its pillars gained the reputation of the “husband & wife pillars”.

It is quite rare to find pillars inside a banquet room, and after a few wedding receptions were being held in “Hana”, the pillars came across as a symbol of strong support, like that of the new bride and groom, supporting each other in life. From then on, the staff started calling those pillars “husband & wife pillars”. In 2003, LED fixtures were embedded into the pillars, further accentuating their presence. It has become an auspicious symbol to clients, and one of the deciding factors when it comes to choosing a banquet room.

Nowadays there are many couples that emphasize on hospitality towards their guest. More and more couples take into consideration if the venue’s functionality and appearance is compatible to their own image. The new bride and groom can show their hospitality towards their guests by tailoring the hall to the guests’ needs. Using LED lighting and flower arrangement, or a beautiful iron fence, the hall can be customized to create separate spaces for welcome drinks or a relaxation space with sofas. These auspicious pillars continue to watch over the happiness of brides and grooms, as well as their guests.