042VOL. 42 Enjoy A Variety of “Sounds” At Keio Plaza Hotel

2019.5.14 Tue.

When one talks about enjoying sounds at our hotel, our dinner shows and music-related events would come to mind, however, Keio Plaza Hotel is full of beautiful sounds, and these “sounds” are part of our hospitality.

For example, in our Premier Grand rooms, you can enjoy your favorite music from your smartphone or tablet in high quality with BOSE finest speakers installed in each room. In our Club Lounge, we use M’s System speakers, which are praised as “The Third Air-Conditioner”. Receiving many compliments from guests, these speakers fill the entire space with music, gently and with depth, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

For important events, such as a wedding reception, a sound staff will be assigned to be in charge of the music. From the planning, to the running of the operation on the day itself, the sound staff will ensure that the bride and groom’s requests are met accordingly. We strive to deliver music that will leave an impression on your special day. If the bride and groom do not have any music prepared, our staff will curate an original music list commemorating the special moments in their relationship.

Furthermore, guests can unwind with relaxing live piano music at places around the hotel such as the main bar “Brillant” (South Tower 2F) and at “Cocktail & Tea Lounge” (Main Tower 3F).

You can spend your time at the hotel emerged in rich sounds. Part of our warm hospitality, please try to listen to the various “sounds” at Keio Plaza Hotel.