041VOL. 41 “Smile Ambassador” – Spreading Warm Smiles Throughout the Hotel

2019.3.31 Sun.

“Welcome”, “Thank you”, “May I help you?” being greeted with warm smiles coming in and out of the hotel each time would make anyone feel happy.

Keio Plaza Hotel aims to be the “number one hotel in Japan with the brightest and warmest smiles”. From 2017, we started activities promoting smiles throughout the hotel, and members of the staff get to vote amongst themselves for the title of “Smile Ambassador”. The current managing director, Mamoru Yamamoto, created this “slogan” when he first assumed his role, as a goal and vision for the entire company. Asides customer satisfaction, we see it as an important and useful tool for smooth internal communication as well as risk management.

A smile creates a friendly atmosphere that prompts customers to share precious information like “It is actually our anniversary today….”, and with these details we are able to provide better service.

Staff members with the most votes get appointed as “Smile Ambassador” annually. Not only does it serve as a good example for all the staff members, “Smile Ambassadors” get introduced in the hotel’s monthly magazine.

To smile our brightest and warmest smile to our beloved guests from all over the world. To Keio Plaza Hotel, “Smile” is the most important part of hospitality.