040VOL. 40 Enjoy Our Traditional German Cheesecake

2019.2.26 Tue.

Part of Keio Plaza Hotel’s signature menu, our ever-popular German cheesecake is made from our well-kept original recipe since the hotel’s opening. A well-loved traditional and timeless favorite, the beautiful golden brown dessert is moist and fluffy with a rich flavor but light texture.

At the time of opening, German head chef Paul Müller took Hartmut Keitel under his wing. Now a patissier who is also well known as a sweets artist, Keitel created the original recipe revolving around the concept of “piping hot” and “high temperature”. Combining cheese and meringue into hot custard, mixing it in while it is still piping hot, hot enough to turn one’s hand red from the heat, and baking at a high temperature of 200-230 degree Celsius to retain moisture.

Today, most of Keio Plaza Hotel’s pastries are still handmade by our patissiers in the hotel. With the senior patissiers carefully passing down the original recipe and taste to the next generations, we are able to continue delivering classic favorites till today.

Enjoy our Traditional German Cheesecake at All Day Dining <Jurin> 2/F Main Building.